Tavala Monastery, Earth

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Tavala Monastery, Earth

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High in the mountains of the State of Bhutan on Earth, the Vedek Assembly has, with the permission of the State Government, restored an old Buddhist monastery and given it new life as a Bajoran Monastery to tend to the spiritual needs of Bajorans and any person interested in finding solace on Earth. This monastery was founded shortly after Bajor's admission into the Federation. As one of the newest monasteries, it is rather small, comprised of only 12 Monks and 8 Prylars, led by the Ranjen Mijar. As the senior Bajoran clergyperson resident on Earth, Vedek Tabor is the provincial authority over the monastery, though Ranjen Mijar oversees the day to day operations of the order.

The primary purpose of the Order, in addition to tending to the spiritual needs and well-being of the monks, guests, and visitors, is to collect and gather greater knowledge about "reflections of the Prophets throughout the Galaxy." The Order carefully studies religious beliefs from all corners of the Galaxy--both present and past--to better understand the "many faces of the Prophets". While the Order's mission has been lauded by most on Bajor, a small group of ultra-conservative clergypersons and laity have labeled the order "blasphemous".

Tavala Monastery remains open at all hours for prayers and worship. Tours are available between 0800-1800 every day, except for Tuesdays and Religious holidays. Guests are welcome to stay--room and board are provided for any traveler when available. Prior reservations are recommended to ensure availability. Guests are encouraged, but not mandated, to attend services during their stay, and meet with a member of the Order to add to the repository of knowledge about the religions of the galaxy.

The Monastery also supports itself by occasionally hosting gatherings, retreats, and meditation classes in it's historic halls.
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In a perverse way, it reminded Idris of home. On the surface, the two places couldn’t be more different. Tavala monastery was surrounded by sheer cliffs and tall trees. Delta featured the ocean and scattered islands. And yet, there was a majesty in both places, nature, an apparent peace, at least if you were not a small fish being chased by a bigger more hungry fish.

She sipped her tea, and considered.

“Is everything satisfactory?”

The waiter monk was looking at her carefully. She supposed she was thinking too deeply, and it showed. Sometimes the sensitive Deltan senses were too much. “Satisfactory, yes. I was just trying to sort everything. Earth recipe and ingredients. Bajor chefs and tastes. A Deltan customer. It is just… complicated.”

“Yes, but are you enjoying your tea?”

Idris laughed. “You remind me of my mother. Life is to be lived, not to be analyzed.”

“A wise woman.”

Idris sighed. “Perhaps. But the galaxy is a complicated place.”

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